Welcome to the website of Stagiaire Autoverhuur Curacao.  We are a small, discount, car-rental agency located in Curacao.  Our specialty is long-term leasing to stagiaires on internship here.  Stagiaires need a good, reliable, car at a price they can afford - and that is just what we offer. 


Long term lease prices are 21-25ang daily.  This price includes WA insurance, all maintenance, and 24-hr roadside service.  Our models include Toyota Starlet and Corolla, as well as Mitsubishi Lancer.  All models are reliable and fuel-efficient and equipped with air-conditioning, four doors, and radio - both automatic and standard gears are available.  Service is prompt and reliable, and our prices simply cannot be beat.


Not a stagiaire but need a reliable car at a good price?  Let us know and if a car is available we'll be happy to make an arrangement for you.  Short-term rates range from 35-45ang daily.


We accept payment in all major currencies and direct deposits in both the US and ING in Holland.  Make your reservations as soon as possible - we are usually booked many months in advance.  Our business is located close to the airport, so pick-up and drop-off is available. 


We apologize while our website is still under construction, but you are welcome to call or write for further information.  Feel free to write in Dutch, English, Spanish, or Papiamento. 


Click this link to email us: Stagiaire Autoverhuur Curacao

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